“Science is my religion” is an expression regularly asserted by an international organization of which I was an active member for most of my life: the Raelian movement. I am no longer affiliated with it. In theses pages, I wish to tell the story of my journey from religious belief to reason. Why? First, for those who know me, friends, relatives, colleagues, who have been curious about my spiritual choices but were afraid, embarrassed, or just too polite to ask me. Then, my testimony might be useful to prospective, current or even former members of the Raelian movement or other similar organizations, or to people studying religion in general or new religious movements in particular. Finally, it’s about closure. Before embarking fully on the new post-religious chapter of my life unencumbered by my past, I feel the need to free my mind by expressing myself in writing. The catchphrase “science is my religion” is a fitting description of my transition, and has never felt truer as I now consciously reject all irrational belief and submission to dogma, and fully embrace science and reason as my guiding lights.